Our Team


Arie Laor


Formerly CEO of Kiralis, has strong business acceleration experience, devising innovative strategies, challenging businesses and managing IPOs for different portfolio companies.

Ido Hadad


Owner of Zeus Intelligence & Andromeda Robotics
Previous Siemense Cloud Manager
Founder of ‘Smart Farm’ AI tech.

Chemistry & Clinical Core Team

Prof. Rodolfo de Paula Viera

COVID19 Clinical Advisor

Research Group Leader and Head of the Laboratory of Pulmonary Exercise Immunology (LABPEI) located in São José dos Campos, Brazil Main author in over 90 publications and participation in over 100 publications.

Professor Yona Amitai

Public Health Advisor

(MD, MPH) is an honour graduate (with honors) of the Sackler Medical School, Israel, Board Certified in Pediatrics, Clinical Pharmacology and Public Health (in Israel) and in Medical Toxicology (USA), after completion of a Fellowship in Clinical Toxicology at the Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard, and the Massachusetts Poiso

Dr. Roi Levi

Chemical Engineering Expert

Previously at Kiralis R&D Developing Chiral Separation Processes with an extensive knowledge in material synthesis and characterization techniques. Chemistry Ph.D. and M.Sc. from the Weizmann Institute of Science.