Breath Based Diagnostics

Rapid and reliable testing stops the spread

Safely Reopening

Mission & Vision

Quick and Accurate Breath Based Diagnostics

Breath of Health is a Company that has been working for years on the development of quick and accurate breath based diagnostics for early life saving detection of Cancer, Alzheimer,  and other diseases, and most recently COVID19.

Non-Invasive and Reliable

A worldwide collaboration among scientists, medical professionals, and technological visionaries has led Breath of Health to the creation of a Quick, Reliable, Non-Invasive Test solution that enables us to perform real time smart pragmatic diagnostics for COVID19.

Advanced cloud based AI

Breath of Health uses advanced AI Cloud-Based diagnostics technology to assure effective identification of potential Infection carriers to be quarantined or isolated for public safety and travelers.


To slow the spread of the COVID19 pandemic plaguing the world, rapid, cost effective, accurate, and non-invasive testing is extremely important. Human exhaled breath consists of more than 3000 organic compounds, many of which are relevant biomarkers for various diseases. Organic compounds (OCs) and other low molecular weight compounds can provide a fingerprint of metabolite production and are released by breath. Breath of Health has successfully identified the specific COVID19 markers.

Greatly Reduces Health Care Costs

With this novel approach, the way patients are diagnosed will change and will greatly reduce health care cost.

How it works